Raïna speaking at the Joseph Campbell RoundTable in Orange County, on October 7, 2017.

Raïna speaking at the Joseph Campbell RoundTable in Orange County, on October 7, 2017.

LOVE: Primal Agent of Change.

     This talk explores Love from its beginnings as a God to its transformation into the most spiritual and romantic of human feelings; one with such power and depth as to be able to change the course of a life, a culture, a society as well as personal transformation through courage, and sacrifice beyond reason. Love is a feeling that can pierce the veil of the ego and transcend all manner of limiting beliefs and ideas. It is this elusive human feeling in all its various incarnations which I explore in this talk; how it gives meaning to life, more than success or money or any external validation. To be seen as who one truly is, to be received and accepted honestly and completely is a treasure beyond measure, perhaps a treasure worth exploring and dedicating oneself to.

The Tarot: Sacred Life Path

     This lecture explores the Major Arcanas as a guide showing us how Life is always trying to instigate a movement of the Soul toward balance and wholeness. The Arcanas are Metaphors or dreams of the collective unconscious that help us cope with the challenges and ordeals of the ego. They are the meaning beneath the chaos, the synchronicity beneath the fear and pain of being human, the hope and light at the end of the tunnel, the connection to the transcendent. they are a mirror to our own soul, shining with purpose and power.

Trauma: War and Spiritual Transformation

     In this lecture we explore how War can provide a piercing of the veil of time and space during which one can experience death and life in the same instant. There is an affinity between trauma and transcendence. The circumstances can obscure or enlighten. They can lead to suicide as we see with so many veterans. This lecture seeks to offer an understanding that healing can come through creative re-membering and engagement with the suffering of the soul and the spiritual essence of all life, which is oneness.

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