This work is for anyone seeking to be of service to their Soul’s purpose in their life. The imagination is the greatest tool of the mind. 


The Cradle & The Crown technique is a powerful transformational tool and a unique way to work with the  imagination. The Cradle & The Crown process is for anyone who has worked hard to heal from addiction, trauma or depression. Even if you had some success with the twelve steps of anonymous programs and have had lengthy therapy, false beliefs such as how unlovable, or invisible you are, whether you believe you are enough, or can trust anyone, may still stick to you like super-glue. Together we find and use the images generated by our own mind in a way that provides the deepest and most solid ground of healing and support to thrive in the world.  I work with individuals or groups to find the images of a person’s life that best embody the most joyful moment of their childhood whether real or imagined or from the dreamtime. That image represents The Cradle in which the child can find solace safety and play. This is the essence of creativity. 

My unique gift, my “superpower” if you’d like, is to provide a way for you to release the anchors of false beliefs that have ruled your unconscious and conscious life, and to replace them with inner authority and wisdom. I help you tune into the exact vibration of the life-changing words needed for your homeopathic remedy, your antidote, what people would call a personal mantra. As you practice your remedy and related images, you begin to gently release and dissolve those false beliefs.

When we connect to the image that Crowns the spirit, we galvanize the emotional life of our adult self with a sense of inner authority. In our work together, these images get refined in concert with the remedy, and take on more aliveness over time. It takes as little as 6 weeks to distill them to the point where they are easily accessible and pierce through the veil of negative images (with the negative self talk they engender) that have accumulated over time and can continue to sabotage the present and defeat future endeavors. Six weeks, or even six months, is not a long time, when you consider the amount of time dedicated to self-doubt, fear, anxiety and self-sabotage, and the emotional, psychological, or even the financial cost. In partnership with The Cradle and The Crown, your remedy assists the ego in finding the support, clarity and willingness it needs to be in service to Soul and develop true contentment in the certitude of being in sync with your deepest purpose, your most authentic self. This work builds on any twelve step work, therapy or meditation practice to a whole new level of freedom and purposeful joy.


workshop: The Cradle & the Crown on 11/09/19


A seminar with Raïna Manuel-Paris

At The Philosophical Research Society, www.PRS.Org

This seminar focuses on deepening our connection to the wisdom of Psyche. It uncovers a path to a vision of life that is cradled by Joy and crowned by a sense of Inner authority. When the two are anchored firmly in our mind heart and body, we can access a deeply meaningful and personal sense of our connection to life, which is soul directed.

Like the Grail King, our inner wise guides, woman, man, or animal, are here, waiting for us in the form of images, memories, experiences, and dreams, waiting for us to dare to ask the right question.

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Learning Objectives

• How to access the wisdom of Psyche

. Writing and sharing the images that nourish the soul

• Rediscover the cradle of childhood joy

• Release the anchors of false beliefs.

• Explore the phases of a new anchor: Inner Authority

. Meeting your inner wise man/woman/animal

. Bringing together the Cradle of Joy and the Crown of Inner Wisdom

. A new vision of life anchored in Inner Wisdom


SAMPLE Day Schedule


9:30 - Check-in 

10:00 – Accessing the wisdom of Psyche

11:15 - Break (approximate time)

11:30 – Writing and sharing the images of childhood joy

12:30 - Lunch break

1:30 - Deepening connection to the Cradle of childhood joy

2:30 - Break (approximate time)

2:40 – Releasing the anchors of false beliefs

3:30 - Break (approximate time)

3:40 – Inner authority, a new anchor in the depths of Psychic Wisdom

4:40 – Living a meaningful life with the Cradle and the Crown.

5:00 - Course concludes


Education Information

The material is presented at an introductory level, requiring no background in mythic studies, narrative theory or Jungian psychology administration; only willingness and open-mindedness.