Dr. Raïna Manuel-Paris has been teaching Tarot and giving readings for over fifteen years. Her approach to the understanding and meaning of Tarot symbols finds its roots in Alchemy.

     The 14th and 15th centuries were a major period of popularity for alchemy. This continued into the 16th and 17th centuries. Alchemical works used a combination of text and pictures to reveal both material and spiritual goals. The various stages included symbolic death, transformation, and spiritual rebirth. Many of the same stages are involved in the understanding of Tarot from an archetypal perspective.

     The people who did the alchemical illustrations were the same as those who did the tarot, namely, illuminators or miniaturists who did detailed small work on paper. It would have been natural for imagery from one to cross over to the other. The people for whom the works were done were also the same, early on, namely, the elites, whether nobles, businesspeople, or clergy, of cities such as Milan and Florence.

     Like for the Tarot, the alchemists used Greco-Roman myth as well as Christian imagery. Trees, with circles placed on them designating planets or alchemical stages, found points of contact between alchemy and tarot in every one of the suits.

     Raïna’s teaching and reading of Tarot follow in the alchemical footsteps of this archetypal perspective on finding the path to a meaningful life.

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Judy R — "Today was my first professional tarot card reading and what a wonderful experience it was! Raïna's passion for her craft and spot-on intuition made my reading a profoundly supportive and enlightening experience. Thank you Raïna-- you are truly a joy!"

Kwame S — “I found Raïna’s energy welcoming, her knowledge of the cards, astute, and perhaps most importantly, her reading to be timely, instructive, inspiring, comforting and a harbinger of tears.” Alchemy.inc

Starr G — "My tarot reading with Raïna was full of numinosity. The dialogue between Raïna, me and spirit of the cards revealed just what I needed to know. Everything felt so alive, so connected and so full of sacred truth. Raïna speaks with such grace and ease. We dived deep into the mysteries, yet I felt safe to expose my vulnerabilities because Raïna radiates a calm in the midst of all the presences in the room. I felt the grace of the Goddess. I felt seen. I felt loved. What a wondrous day!” Author

Erika S — ”I feel extremely fortunate to have met Dr. Raïna Manuel-Paris at this point in my life.  I first attended her workshop The Cradle and the Crown and knew I had met a true guide and teacher so I sought her out for a private session.  Raïna's insight and guidance is powerful, clear, and spot on.  Her depth of knowledge in mystical studies paired with a strong and poignant connection to her spiritual wisdom makes Dr. Manuel-Paris an invaluable resource for all of us wanting to connect to our sense of purpose and true selves.  To sit with her is to be present with someone who has found their true calling. This, in itself, is eye-opening and life-changing. I feel seen, heard, and guided after my session. I now have a knowing sense of my higher purpose and how to connect with the voice of my soul.”  LMFT

readings can be done in person, on the phone or via Skype.

Payment can be made via paypal or by check/cash


$80.00 for half an hour

$150.00 for an hour

$200.00 for an hour and a half ( with Oracle reading based on Constellation work )